Tips on Getting Opossums Out of the Wall

After identifying the fact that opossums have got into your wall, you need to take immediate remedial measures to get rid of them. The fact is opossums in the wall can be a serious issue. The worst thing that can happen to you is when opossums give birth to baby opossums who then start moving around and down your wall. Once they get stuck in the wall, removing them can prove to be a real headache.

Baby opossums 
When baby opossums get stuck in the wall, their mother might try to get them out and, in the process, they too can get stuck in the wall. Before you attempt to get opossums out of the wall, you need to make sure that it is indeed opossums that have got stuck in the wall and not some other animal.

Visual inspection
The best way to identify the problem is by making a visual inspection. You can also tell that opossums have got stuck in the wall when you hear them scratching and squeaking at various times during the day. Keep in mind that these animals are nocturnal by nature and will only become active at night. It is not easy to get opossums out of the wall and if you are unable to free the trapped opossums in the wall, they could even die and become an even bigger problem.

Cut out the wall
Once you have found opossums in the wall, you will then have to cut out a section of the wall in order to extricate them. If baby opossums are stuck, then it is best for you to wait for the mother to leave before trying to get the opossums out of the wall. Once you get the opossums out of the wall, then you will need to take steps to seal off the area. This can be done by spraying the area with some opossum repellent. You can pick and choose from a number of opossum repellents that are available on the market.

Seal off the area
After spraying the area with repellent, you need to completely seal off all openings from which the opossum can get back in. after making sure the opossums are not able to return, you can rest easy knowing that they will go elsewhere. It also pays to make sure that you prevent further opossum infestations. This requires you to properly inspect the exteriors and also make sure that you maintain the exteriors well to ensure that opossums are not able to get back in.

Use snare poles or use a trap
Another way to get opossums out of the wall is by using a snare pole to grab the opossum and remove it. Yet another option available to you is to use a trap to catch the animal. Finally, try opening the doors and allow some time for the opossums to walk out on their own.

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